Class Worksheets- Updated

My original idea for Efficient Abundance is that it would start a discussion…followed by action.

At our church in Richmond, we get together once a month for a brown bag discussion in which we share ideas from our own lives about the concept of Efficient Abundance and encourage each other to find new, original ways to apply it to our daily lives.

I would love to encourage you to do the same, in any way: as a formal monthly class, a monthly supper club, or one lesson a month in an existing Sunday School/Bible Study/etc.

Get together, and share your ideas…then share them with us!

Here is this month’s class worksheet on Abundant Possessions:

Abundant Possessions worksheet Feb 2012


Our first class, which met in September, involved defining and discussing the concept of “Efficient Abundance” and determining what this mindset had to do with the Bible and the promises of Christianity.

Open and print out the attached worksheet to catch yourself up and write out your thoughts about how the included Bible verses and questions speak to you.

Believing in Abundance Worksheet


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