What’s Efficient Abundance?

The Big Idea: We are all surrounded by abundance that we are not recognizing, appreciating, or using, and if we can learn to do so, we can do more than just save time, money, energy, and resources…we can change our lives and our world.

Efficient Abundance is a movement, a mindset, a paradigm shift for all of us who are sick of the waste we see in the world and in ourselves.

It starts by recognizing and appreciating the the gifts in absolutely everything we are, have, see, and experience. Then, as we begin to more fully and efficiently use these gifts , we eliminate the waste that’s keeping us and our world from reaching our full potential.  Finally, our new-found abundance of time, money, and resources can be used to save the world.

You are reading this because you know we’re meant for something more, and you’re  so tired of spending more and more money, energy, time, and resources while only gaining debt, stress, conflict, clutter, discontent, and environmental ruin.  You’ve tapped into the global movement that is starting to talk more about “Abundance” and “Efficiency”, but you’ve never heard these two terms put together, and are curious.  You, like all of us, want to find quick, easy, practical ways to save time, money, and resources- but have discovered that multi-tasking, bargain shopping, coupon clipping, and forced austerity measures are leaving you feeling more stressed, discontent, and wasteful than ever.

You just want peace, love, healing, and joy in your life and want it for your world, and know it’s got to be easier to we’re making it.

Why aren’t we recognizing the abundance around us?

There are many reasons why we are blinded to the gifts staring us in the face every day, and therefore wasting them:

  • We are exhausted, overspent, and frantically busy trying to do and acquire everything on our own through competition and guilt and insecurity.
  • We’ve been taught that we should demand only a certain brand of gifts, so fail to see the beauty, function, and adequacy of what’s right in front of us.
  • We feel paralyzed from even reaching out and grabbing what’s within our reach because we either don’t know where to begin or are scared that it will be harder than it actually is.

How are we going to go about changing this?

All of us can revolutionize our lives and our world by practicing and promoting the following four principles:

  • Believe in abundance: Anytime we serve as a light that spreads  optimism, faith, joy, love, or hope, we are practicing this principle.
  • Avoid wasting time, money, energy, and resources whenever possible. Anytime we refrain from spending resources based on insecurity, greed, or carelessness; anytime we make it easier to produce, learn, improve, or do something good, we are practicing this principle.
  • Recognize and appreciate the value in all experiences, possessions, and people.  Anytime we refuse to judge something based on superficial, artificial criteria given to us from others, we are practicing this principle.
  • Use the excess we’ve now discovered toward things that really matter.  Anytime we share our abundance with others, find a way our excess can help someone, or replace wasteful behavior with something pure, sustainable, and authentic, we are practicing this principle.

How do I take the first step?

Follow the blog, then contribute your ideas and comments.  Share it with your friends.  Start a discussion.  Be the first of your friends to say “enough!” to the waste and competition and debt and excess pulling us all down, and then be able to explain why you’re doing it.  Take ACTION by using the resources at your own fingertips to change your life, your community, or your world, and then tell us how we can do it, too.

What’s your agenda? Is this just a “Christian” movement?

Our mission is to eliminate waste and create a world where peace, love, healing, and joy are in abundance.

The more we grow in this effort, the more we learn that it goes to the very heart of the Christian message, and therefore ignoring the wisdom, practical advice, and inspiration found in the Bible concerning this concept would be one of the greatest wastes of all.  God is good, we are all loved by our Creator, be thankful, and love your neighbor as yourself pretty much say it all.

But Christians don’t have the monopoly on this idea, nor are they always the best at practicing it.  Other religions, secular movements, and individuals have much to teach all of us about these concepts, and only if all faiths and walks of life work together will this movement be successful.

We hope that you will join us every week online as a new topic is posted, allowing discussion opportunities and both practical and spiritual advice on how to get…and give…more out of life while maintaining a spirit of thankfulness, peace, and joy.


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