About Us

Teacher, writer, and blog host Jennifer McCluskey is a high school history teacher by training, as well as a professional singer, voiceover artist, and writer.

Jennifer has explored the concepts of Abundance and Efficiency in her personal and professional life in a variety of ways, including writing the blog The Wasteless Mom, contributing articles to Baby Years Magazine, teaching Bible studies based on discerning and appreciating God’s word and plan for us, and working on her Lean Six Sigma yellow belt certification (that’s an efficiency thing, too!)

More than anything, Jennifer wants to create a movement in which we all learn to appreciate, use, and share the gifts we have, fostering a world of joy, contentment, purpose, and peace…the very things for which we were created.

Jennifer lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband Sean and three children Connor, Teagan, and Lauren.


One response to “About Us

  1. Cynthia H. Haygood

    I am a growing up friend of Scott’s; my husband is a distant cousin of Hope’s and they have been travel buddies and dear, dear friends thru the last 35 years. I was glad to read the Abundance of Holidays that you so beautifully wrote. I hope I can get your blog posts in the future. Bless you and yours.
    Have a happy day,
    Cindy Harney Haygood

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