On Leap Day, Celebrating Fractions of Time


This week, I was going to simply post my revamped “What’s Efficient Abundance?” tab that you can all find at the top of this page…something I hope you all read, because there are some exciting things coming down the pipe dealing with this movement, and how we can all start to quickly and easily DO something with the information we’re discussing to make a real difference in our lives, our community, and even our world. Relax- it’ll be easy- this is ME talking, remember?

But today is Leap Day, so I can’t waste that, can I?

Today, we have been given the Gift of Time.  It’s been ours all along, accruing each year in quarter-day increments, but today is the day we recognize it, appreciate it, and use it.

How perfect.

Every day, the gift of time is there all along- it just may not fit into our “calendar” the way we have it set up.  It will take the form of a fraction, but, as we see today, fractions add up.  Fractions can be celebrated and enjoyed.  Fractions can be used.

So today let’s appreciate the efficiency of finally using the fractions in our year.  Let’s recognize the abundance this extra day has given us.  Let’s find ways of putting the concepts of efficiency and abundance together to USE today to it’s fullest. This week’s 30 Rock episode was about how “nothing counts” on Leap Day, so Liz Lemmon (Tiny Fey) tried to live that out, to hilarious consequences.  How about today, we realize that “everything counts”?

How about we all become aware of the gift of every second of the day? How about we concentrate on enjoying even 10 seconds or 5 minutes leftover from a project or job?

How about we use those seemingly insignificant fractions of time we KNOW are present in the schedules of even the BUSIEST of us to do some of the things we have said “I don’t have time for…”?

How long does it really take for us to floss our teeth? To send a card? To hug a child? To make eye contact and smile? To do 50 sit-ups? To say I Love You?  To make up our bed? To read that opinion column? To email our representative? To recycle? To give a sincere compliment? To apologize? To listen? To teach someone how to do it themselves? To change the batteries? To look up that fact? To take our medicine?

Maybe these things will take a fraction longer than otherwise barreling through our day, but the miracle of fractional time works the other way too…we won’t notice it at first, and everything will get done just fine.

But if we start using our fractions NOW, in little increments, down the road, we WILL notice the results, and those results  will truly be something to celebrate.

Happy Leap Day! Make it count!


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