Eating Fruit in Season

I am a planner.  Ridiculously so.  I interviewed potential schools for my children when they were still in baby bjorns.  I’ve had a “bucket list” since I was 15.  I enjoy making lists to the extent that others enjoy eating chocolate, playing video games, or sleeping.


Therefore, it should be no surprise to anyone that I’m already considering where my children, ages 6, 8, and 10, may go to college.


This past beautiful weekend, we decided to drive to Charlottesville for a day to supposedly spend apple picking, but once we saw the RIDICULOUS line of cars, we decided to do something we considered a great use a time: show the kids the University of Virginia campus, and hope they fall in love with it (go, instate tuition!!!)


We never made it more than 50 feet onto the front lawn.  The kids never saw the Rotunda, never glanced at the stunning architecture, never asked a single question about UVA or campus life or even sports.


We made it to the Magnolia tree, where we spent the next hour climbing and playing before getting back in the car and heading for pizza and ice cream.


And as my daughter ran to me in the middle of the UVA campus, hugged me, and asked me to lift her into a branch, it hit me: Thank you God that these children are still with me and not going off to school yet.  Thank you Lord for this time, and for making me slow down enough to appreciate it.


I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude…and they all stemmed from recognizing the gift being given to me at that time.


My mother has always told me that women CAN have it all…just not all at once.  Each season in our lives bears a different fruits, and they are meant to be enjoyed when they are ripe….not prematurely…and fresh….not put away and canned.


Other fruits are great, too, but if they’re not in season, they will be imported, probably sprayed with something to make it artificially “keep”, and will lack the abundance of flavor and nutrients of ones meant to be enjoyed right here, right now.


So no…we never made it apple picking, but we did enjoy an abundant harvest, completely local and in season!


  1. This week, concentrate on what fruit is in season for your life, right here, right now?  Make a list of the gifts you have right now that will not be around forever.  How can you more fully appreciate and use them?


  1. What “fruits” are you craving that may not be in season at the moment? What things in your life do you feel you may be “forcing” or “importing”?  What’s not yet ripe? What is past its prime or requiring you to “spray with preservatives” to keep it artificially going?


  1. Within your day, are there better “harvest times” than others for certain activities? What about when your kids are home? Your evenings? Your early mornings? Your weekends? Your holidays? Are you fully matching your activity to the best time in which it would yield the most joy, productivity, love, abundance?


  1. Read the following verses in the Bible, and jot down what they mean to you, at this time in your life:


    1. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15
    2. Psalm 90:12
    3. Acts 6:1-7
    4. Psalm 62:1-12
    5. Romans 13:11-14
    6. Galatians 6:9-10
    7. 2 Corinthians 6:2


Don’t skip this final step…it’s time well spent!!!


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